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Research Center for Ven. Hiu Wan Studies

Research Center for Ven. Hiu Wan Studies

Tel: +886-2-26632102#1337

The Center was established in 2006 to expound and propagate Ven. Hiu Wan’s lifetime achievements: her honorable academic cultivation, her Chan deeds and Buddhist practice, her religious compassion and wisdom, and her ideals of the Enlightenment Education.


  • To study and make known to the world Ven. Hiu Wan’s achievements and deeds, her thoughts and exemplary spirit, which in time will serve as a model for future generations to look up to.
  • To study and carry out Ven. Hiu Wan’s Enlightenment Education and the ideals of founding Huafan University; to usher in educational programs that promote interactive ideals between the faculty and students on the Huafan campus--as designed by Ven. Hiu Wan, to facilitate and fulfill our educational goals.
  • To collect and reserve Ven. Hiu Wan’s works, manuscripts, and artistic works.
  • To nurture and encourage scholars and specialists to research in the field of Ven. Hiu Wan studies and to promote the studies to scholars both home and abroad.


  • Projects for current development
    • Internet website for the Center.
    • A digital index of Ven. Hiu Wan’s writings, speeches, and other works.
    • Digitalization of Ven. Hiu Wan’s art works.
    • Collection and digitalization of all video tapes, cassettes and manuscripts of Ven. Hiu Wan, issued as a commemorative CD annually.
    • To compile in book form the Founding History of Huafan University to provide a historical record of the University.
    • Annual international commemorative conference and 4 seminars for Ven. Hiu Wan studies.
    • Publication of an annual journal of Ven. Hiu Wan Studies.

  • Project for future development
    • Compilation and publication of The Complete Works of Ven. Hiu Wan

Our Services

  • Art exhibitions of Ven. Hiu Wan’s paintings: We hold several exhibits on campus and outside the university each year, and accept invitations from other institutes.
  • Intellectual trips following the footprints of Ven. Hiu Wan in her early learning/traveling trips to Southeast Asian and European countries.


  • Center director and center assistant, graduate assistants, and part-time students from Huafan University.
  • Volunteers from the university faculty and students.