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Research Center for Sustainable Development of Slope Land

Research Center for Sustainable Development of Slope Land

Tel: 886-2-26632102 #4572

The Research Center was established in August 1, 2006 and is directed by Dr. Chen-Ping Chao. The objectives for development of the Center are as follows:

  • To promote ecological idea to students and application of eco-techniques in slope engineering.
  • To build a safe environment during the construction of different infrastructures by developing a safety investigating system.
  • To establish a national investigating site at Dah-Lun Mountain, Huafan University. There are inclinometers, water level gauges, rainfall gauges etc. There are also cracking data collected during every summer and winter since 1997. All this researcg data is collected in a GIS (Geographical Information System) database.
  • To hold eco-work shops and conferences for eco-engineering development and promotion.
  • To be a consultant for issues regarding to slope engineering and conservation of soil and water.