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Center of the Humanities

Center of the Humanities

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Based on Ven. Hiu Wan's ideals of Enlightenment Education, the center has been established to develop course work for general education, to promote research in the humanities and to provide various learning activities to the students and the faculty. We teach students the value of self-reflections and the importance of enlightenment by integrating Confucianism, Buddhism and other cultural heritage into our courses. It is our obligation to provide students with trainings in the humanities, the social, and natural sciences, so that a more open-minded, self-confident, and mature view of life can be achieved. Besides specialized trainings in their majors, we intend to cultivate not only professionalism but also compassion and wisdom in our students.


 Core Courses : Chinese Culture (4 credits), Wisdom and Life (2 credits), Professional Ethics (2 credits), Traditional Art (2 credits)
 The Humanities: Literature, Arts, Drama, Philosophy, History, etc.
 Social Sciences: Law, Politics, Economy, Finance, etc.
 Natural Sciences: Technology, Environment, Health, etc.

The above educational programs not only follow the ideals of Enlightenment Education, but also coordinate with practical guidance from the teachers to meet the needs of professional training and spiritual inspirations.


 Books, journals, publications, e-books, and discs
 3 audio-visual classrooms specialized for general education
 Research rooms
 Other supplementary educational resources
 Huafan Cultural Gallery
 Meditation rooms and a theater for performance arts


Telephone: (02)2663-2102#3401
Fax: (02)2663-2102#3409