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Calligraphy Research Center

Calligraphy Research Center

Tel: 886-2-26632102 #4820

The center was established in August 2006 and is directed by Prof. Yi-Chung Hsuing, dean of the College of Arts and Design. The aim of the center is to actualize Ven. Hiu Wan's philosophy of Enlightenment Education and the concepts of blending technology and the humanities with compassion and wisdom. Through the research and promotion of calligraphy, the center helps to establish the University as a key oriental arts and culture location. The center places great emphases not only on traditional calligraphy, but also on its inter-disciplinary applications, such as modern industry, culture, design, life and technology, to make calligraphy a promising and epochal contemporary art, a dominant Chinese art for the twenty-first century.

The center has now cooperated with the Culture Affairs Bureau, Social Education Center, art and culture centers, private and public foundations, private enterprises, and other governmental and academic organizations to promote calligraphy activities concerning studies and studio arts.


  • Speeches, exhibitions, consulting service, symposiums of Calligraphy
  • To organize the 2007 Biannual Taipei Calligraphy Exhibition and related publications for the exhibit
    To set up a website
  • To collect calligraphy information and seek cooperation from other organizations

  • 10 Full-time professors and other visiting professors, teaching calligraphy and seal cutting in the department of Fine arts, constitute the staff and researchers of the Calligraphy Research Center.
  • Worldwide consultants will be invited to help promote studies, exhibitions, and cultural exchange of calligraphy.