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Chinese Culture Program for International students

Scholarship Offered: Non-Applied

In addition to the regular courses given by the 12 departments and the graduate institute, the following courses, entitled as Chinese Culture Program, are open to international students, who may take some or all of the courses listed below according to individual interest or need. The certificate of credits is given under the requirement of each foreign student who completes the study of the selected courses.

Scholarship Offered: Non-Applied
Courses of Chinese Culture Program for International students Credits
1. Basic Chinese Learning 2
2. Introduction to Chinese Literature 2
3. Living in Taiwan 2
4. Introduction to Comparative Literature 2
5. The Beauty of Chinese Characters 2
6. The Selected Reading and Writing Practice of Chinese Classic Poems 2
7. Chinese Thoughts and Living 2
8. Arts of Chinese Calligraphy 2
9. Seal Engraving 2
10. History of Chinese Art 2
11. Traditional Chinese Painting 2
12. Jewelry Design 2
13. Aesthetic Responses of Product Form 2
14. History of Chinese Architecture 2
15. Special Topics on Taiwan Architecture 2
16. History of Post-War Taiwan Architecture 2
17. Introduction to analysis Early China Ritual Objects 2
18. Oracle Bones Scripts and World View of Shang Culture 2
19. Ritual Epitaph of Western Zhou and Ritual Ideology of Zhou Culture 2
20. Introduction to the Pre-Qin Natural Philosophy and the Philosophy of Dao 2