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Huafan University International Academic Cooperation Manual

1、“Huafan University International Academic Cooperation Manual” (refer as “Manual” below) defines all academic cooperation and teacher exchanges between Huafan University (HFU) and the foreign schools. Unless otherwise defines by regulations and laws of Taiwan or foreign schools countries, all items of this manual should be followed.

2、Faculties of HFU who participate international academy activities defined in item 1 should follow item 2 to 6.

# Item 1: The defined international academy activities include the study for the degree or credits, researches, lecturing, formal visit and the attendance at academic research conference in foreign schools.

# Item 2: Applicant who applies for advanced studies or researches shall follow the articles of Huafan University Faculties Research and Studies Reward.

# Item 3: Applicant who applies for teacher exchange shall submit the application form and the plans on advanced studies, researches or lectures and the necessary documents required by the foreign schools. After the approval of the department office and the HFU personnel office, president of HFU will recommend the applicant to foreign school in written document.

# Item 4: Besides the conditions defined the foreign schools, the priorities of the nomination are as follows.

1. The advanced studies during the HFU summer and/or winter vacations.

2. The activities enhance HFU’s development.

3. The nature of activities meets the specialties of the applicants.

4. Good academic standing or/with better performance in teacher’s evaluation within last three years.

5. If there are two or more applicants applying for the same school, the one whohas not be nominated before should be selected.

6. The senior faculties will be nominated over the junior. Notation: over ten-year teaching experiences will be counted as ten years.

# Item 5: After completion of the exchange activities, such as lecturing, academic conference or visiting scholar shorter than three months, the faculties should submit a paper report to Office of the Secretariat at HFU within three months.

# Item 6: If the faculty nominated by the President can’t arrive at the foreign schools on time because of the HFU business, Office of the Secretariat at HFU will help the faculty to obtain the approval of cancellation, suspension or substitution of the host university.

3、Teaching at HFU, the visiting scholars should follow item 1 to 7.

# Item 1: The visiting scholars shall be current full-time treachers or researchers of the cooperative schools or the project cooperation schools.

# Item 2: The activities for visiting scholar include advanced studies, researches, lectures, visit and conference.

# Item 3: The visiting scholar who applies for advanced degree must meet the requirements of department and HFU. The duration of completion the degree is defined on the cooperation agreement between two universities. The applicant must submit the application form to Office of the Secretariat at HFU. After approval of related departments and graduate offices, president of HFU consent with written document.

# Item 4: During the visit in HFU or the attendance to the academic conference held by the two universities, the host university is responsible for arranging the itinerary and accommodation.

# Item 5: The visiting scholar who comes to HFU for researches or lecturing must held PHD degree and be titled as a professor, an associate professor, or an assistant researcher. The maximum duration of being at HFU is one year.

# Item 6: All departments that invite visiting scholar should obtain subsidy from external parties. The departments that are unable to obtain subsidy from external parties shall submit written plan, which states biography of visiting scholar, budget, visiting content and schedule to Office of the Secretariat at HFU before May 31st or December 31st. With approval of HFU Internationalization Team meeting, HFU president shall be reported and may offer the expenses and the supplementary materials with HFU resource.

# Item 7: According to item 6, HFU offers the expenses and the supplementarymaterials for exchanging affairs. Otherwise, all expense of the visiting scholar should be paid by host department.

4、The Manual shall become effective after the administrative committee gets the approval of the President of HFU. Any amendments to this Manual require the same administrative procedures.