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Philosophy Department
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Philosophy Department

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The College of Liberal Arts
Group: Literature, History and Philosophy
International Admission: Bachelor, Master

Department of Philosophy at Huafan University
Established in 1996, the department aims at preserving and promoting the Chinese culture by embodying Enlightened Education, and extending the tradition of Huafan University to enlighten the world. The department, through training of students' reasoning in western philosophy, serves to build the foundation for humanities and create directions to renovate Chinese philosophy.

Our goals are to improve students’ thinking abilities and high EQ personalities, and help them to seriously face their future jobs. In addition, we help students find their own goals of life and know how to deal with difficulties. Furthermore, we wish students enjoy helping people and become excellent in the society.

Research Focus:

The department has been developed to reflect on the following features:

Studying Original texts:
Students are trained to read original texts and to use database written in foreign languages.
Graduation thesis is mandatory:
Students are trained to learn how to organize and express ideas.
Technology-assistant teaching.
Teacher-student interactions:
Students are easy to receive helps from their teachers.

In our department, we have the following facilities: departmental library, students’ study areas, 3 multi-media classrooms, laptop computers, digital camera, projectors, DVD Players, DV movie camera, Laser Printers, copier … etc.