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Graduate Institute of Asian Humanities

Graduate Institute of Asian Humanities

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The College of Liberal Arts
Group: Literature, History and Philosophy
International Admission: Master, Ph.D

The purpose of the Institute is to intensify the development and interaction of Confucian and Buddhist thoughts, and the studies of Asian literature, philosophy and arts. We focus on the education of the specialists with talent and character for the national cultural reconstruction. The Master of Arts program in the Institute is the first of its kind in Taiwan that focuses on studies of Asian humanities. The program consists of four divisions: literature, Buddhism, fine arts, and philosophy.

Research Focus:

The curriculum includes the following four core courses:

1. Literature: Chinese classic literature is the major area of studies, complemented by the literary works from other dynasties. Comparative literature and modern literary criticism are part of the tool for research.

2. Buddhism: All Buddhist thoughts are subjects of studies. Language courses including Japanese, Pali, Sanskrit and Tibetan are offered for study of the original literature.

3. Fine Arts: Other than the Chinese and Hindu art history, the origin and development of the primitive Buddhist arts are the major areas of studies while the Japanese and Korean arts are also included.

4. Philosophy: Oriental philosophy and Occidental philosophy are equally emphasized. Confucianism, Buddhism, Chuang Tzu and other philosophers in ancient China are given the same attention as western philosophers, such as Kant, Hegel and Descartes.