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Information Management Department
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Information Management Department

Tel: (02) 26632102-4351
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College of Engineering
Group: Information (Informatics)
International Admission: Bachelor, Master

The Department of Information Management was established in 1997 as a program to meet the industry's need for computer professionals with managerial backgrounds. The program was designed to meet industry's increasing demand for entry-level information specialists with integrated knowledge of computer technology and business disciplines. In order to utilize advanced information technology to handle the tasks of the business and information management, the program provides courses in basic computer concept and operation skills, information systems analysis and design, programming, information systems management,

The features of the department include theoretical study and practical training of the information technology, management science, and business management theory and skills. Humanity awareness is also the education philosophy of the department. In accordance with the worldwide trend of Internet application, the program emphasizes the study of Internet related topics. Specialty groups including Internet theory and application, security, VR, Multi-Media system development, MIS theory and practice, business communication, and electronic commerce, are formed to help increase the effectiveness of the program.

Nowadays, networking technology has increased the speed of information flow in the enterprise. Thus, the role of information management systems is getting more important to the modern business management. The department has specialized in this area and is working aggressively on getting resources to facilitate the research and teaching activities. The department will also focus its research and teaching on the direction of distributed computing systems, Internet business information application, multi-media, integration of database and communication technology, long-distance learning, etc.

Research Focus:

The research and teaching in the department are facilitated by several sets of high-fidelity equipment. Among these are:

* A High-performance Internet Server

* Internet System Development and Homepage Design Workstations

* Virtual Reality Research Laboratory

* Multimedia Research Laboratory