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Industrial Engineering and Management Information Department

Industrial Engineering and Management Information Department

Tel: (02) 26632102-4311
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College of Engineering
Group: Management
International Admission: Bachelor, Master

Industrial Engineering and Management Information addresses how modern systems operate and is concerned with the effective and efficient delivery of quality products and services to the customers. As modern engineering and management fields require the ability to make decisions based on valid information, Industrial Engineering and Management Information provides the perfect blend of technical skills and people orientation. Industrial engineers are especially trained to obtain, evaluate and exploit such information. The industrial engineering and Management Information discipline looks for ways to best integrate people, materials, machines, time and money in any endeavor.Industrial engineers are in a strategic position to seek to allocate limited resources in an effective manner. Industrial engineers address the overall system performance and productivity, responsiveness to customer needs, and the quality of the products or services produced by an enterprise. They also are the specialists who ensure that people can safely perform their required tasks in the workplace environment.Because of its broader perspective, Industrial engineering and Management Information gives you the opportunity to work in many different kinds of businesses. It is used in a wide variety of industries, including manufacturing, health care, banking, insurance, transportation, construction, utilities, and government.

Research Focus:

The IE&MI Department currently owns the following research labs:
Manufacturing Information System Lab, Operations Research Lab, Office Automation Lab, Human Factor Engineering Lab, Decision Analysis Lab, Production Automation Lab, Advanced Manufacturing Technology Lab, Quality Control Lab, Intelligent System Lab, Entrepreneurial Management Lab, Advanced Information Technology Lab, Facilities Layout & Planning Lab, and Work Study Lab.
In addition to the above research facilities, the department has a 70-computer Multimedia Computer Classroom for students use.