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Industrial Design Department
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Industrial Design Department

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The College of Arts and Design
Group: Architeccture and Design
International Admission: Bachelor, Master

We have followed the Ven. Hiu Wan's teachings on "Virtue, Wisdom, Capability, and Compassion," to raise our students to be high-tech professionals who can fully utilize modern techniques in industrial design and, at the same time, fulfill their social responsibility. Our students are trained to apply their creative designing ability to produce reliable products.

1. Interdisciplinary training and computerized teaching are adopted to improve the traditional way of education.

2. Small classes and independent research projects are offered to improve student's creative ability and interactive communication between teachers and students.

3. We have paid special attention to teaching our students computer techniques as used in the analysis, design, and manufacturing of industrial products.

4. Individualized styles are highly encouraged. Students have to learn how to cultivate the design of their products, how to make their products reliable, and refine their designing ability.

Research Focus:

Multimedia Room

Model Shop

Human Factors Engineering Lab

Reliability / Environmental Lab

Photo Studio and Darkroom

Ceramics Workshop Computer Integrated Manufacturing Lab

Computer-aided Industrial Design Lab

Color Scheme Studio

Theory and practice are equally emphasized in our curriculum, which can be divided into four main areas of studies:

(1) Industrial design and the arts: Aesthetics of Forms, Sketching, Model Making

(2) Philosophy, methodology, and application of product design

(3) The application and development of techniques in industrial design

(4) Computer-aided industrial design