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Foreign Languages and Literature Department
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Foreign Languages and Literature Department

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The College of Liberal Arts
Group: Literature, History and Philosophy
International Admission: Bachelor, Master

* I. The Objects

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literature at Huafan University was founded in August, 1994. The Department’s primary goal aims at fostering students with a high fluency in foreign languages (especially English), and with a humanistic concern and a world-wide view about the community. The further attempt is to cultivate students to become the mediators in academic, cultural, and economic areas under the current trend of globalization.

* II. Characteristics in Teaching

(a) Language and Literature

The Department emphasizes both the learning of literature and languages. In languages courses, the focus is on the enhancement of the learners’ proficiency in the four languages skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing); in the literature part, the major concern is placed on the introduction and appreciation of a variety of literary works in English language, which contains courses like English Literature (from the Old English to Modern period), American Literature, and European Literature, as well as Literary Criticism. The course design is based on the specialty of the teaching faculty, the current social trend in language learning, and the students’ need and interest.

(b) Second Foreign Language

The Department offers courses of the second foreign languages, including Japanese, French, and German, for the broadening of students’ language skill. This required course is a two-year track, and other languages will be taken into consideration with the extension of the Department.

(c) Division of Classes

Several language core courses are divided into a smaller group, with the aim of attaining a better learning result. Those courses are Grammar, Oral Training, Composition, and Translation.

(d) Advanced Teaching Aids

There are at present three language labs that are devised for the effectiveness of teaching. In those classrooms, the technological equipment like multi-media players are provided and the Internet surfing is also available. Some courses are facilitated for those teaching aids, like Intensive English Training, Translation, Interpretation, English in Film, Proficiency Test, Sophomore English, Science Fiction, and Introduction to Literary Works.

(e) Campus Activities in English

For the enhancement of students’ English language skills, the Department holds a series of regular activities in the campus for encouraging the practicing of the language. There are contests in composition, speech, drama, talents, and spellings to attract students’ interest in English. In particular, the drama performance acted annually by the seniors draws most of the campus’s attention.

(f) "English Corner"

The Department has assigned a "corner" for student to practice English speaking, a virtual site to urge the language learners to be exposed in an environment only with the use of English. Staying in this place, students are "forced" to practice nothing but English. Through the little pressure, students are expected to have a better mastering of the language. Also, there are films to be shown here twice a week to add the diversity of the corner.

(g) Teacher-Student Interactions

Besides the classroom contact, the teachers here are amiable, willing to offer help in solving problems in class and in life, which also give much encouragement for students in learning interest. In a broad sense, this positive relationship may lead students into a path that is healthier and higher in regard to their choice of a life career.

Research Focus:

The M.A. Program of the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature at Huafan University includes two main tracks: the English/ American Literature and the Applied Language Studies. For the needs of the students and the society, the Program designs courses for students to cope with the social trends with their capability gained from the training and studies here. In Literature studies, the course objects aims, on the one hand, to stress the English writing skills and the learning of methodology, and on the other, to engage in the analysis of the literary works and the study of literary criticism. In Applied Language Studies, the provided courses will be integrating the practical English teaching and the advanced technological teaching aids in the hope to explore the plausible teaching methods. With these practices, students of the language-track are able to comprehend and grasp the current trends in teaching that has employed both the knowledge of humanities and technology. Thus, students here would become the real modern man who knows how to extend their visions by the help of the learned knowledge at the Department.