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Electronic Engineering Department
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Electronic Engineering Department

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College of Engineering
Group: Engineering
International Admission: Bachelor, Master

The aim of the educational objects of the Department of Electronic Engineering at Huafan University lies at integrating the knowledge of science and humanity, the ideal goal proposed by the founder of the school, the late Venerable Hiu Wan, the artist and educator. Students here are expected to acquire the knowledge in the high-tech realms of mechatronic engineering, electronic engineering, and information management, while equipped with the humanistic concerns about their community.

A further attempt of the Department is to combine the resources of both the undergraduate and the graduate programs in order to foster students be able to be familiar with the professions of Semiconductor Device, VLSI Design, Computer Engineering, Communication Electronics and Systems, and Automatic Control Systems, along with the national developments in advanced technology and economy. Students will be, thus, specialized in the design, manufacturing, and application of the related electronic technology areas.

Research Focus:

Based on the perception of the set ideal goal of the University, the Department of Electronic Engineering emphasizes both the technological and humanistic learnings, with the teaching features shown as the followings:

1. For the basic courses, the emphasis lies on lecturing and labs exercises, for a solid ground in further learning. For the professional courses, the Department stresses “learning by doing” policy, confirming the importance of theory and practices, particular through the class discussions and presentations.

2. Loaded with an inspiration-oriented teaching strategy, the Department encourages students to have an independent thinking and a deep comprehension about their learnings so as to develop their potentiality.

3. Each course offered here is required to provide a clear image about itself and teachers are recommended to write and edit the teaching materials for their classes.

4. Students are encourages to have a second major, so as to broaden their professional knowledge and to strengthen their competency.

5. Courses design is well-organized, particularly in the three main programs, Integrated Circuit, Electronic Communication, and Computer Information System, which enables students to engage in their research according to their interest, with the aid of the professors, and to create their own projects in the academic and industrial areas.

6. The Department offers a 5-year track for the completion of the degrees of B.A. and M.A., with the integration of the master programs and three main programs in the undergraduate level, in the hope to direct the research toward Electronic Circuit and Computer Information System.

For achieving the maximum effect of the research resources, the Department has endeavored to develop the teaching capability of students in the M.A. program, so as to provide the academic research aids for the undergraduates besides their learning from the teaching faculty.