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College of Engineering

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The College of Engineering consists of Department Mechatronic Engineering, Department of Electronic Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Information , and Department of Information Management. The goals are three-folded:

1. Training of the specialists in technology and management with humanities and social conscience;

2. Training of the specialists in technology who have integrated knowledge of mecha tronic engineering, electronic engineering, electrical engineering and information technology ; and

3. Training of modern management specialists in industrial management and information management, who always use wisdom and compassion to manage people.



1. Emphases on the interaction of technology and humanities and training of the specialists with humanities education. In our educational program we emphasize not only the professional knowledge and know-how in each field, but also the humanistic spirit and social conscience in accordance with our founder's educational ideals, integration of humanities and technology. We want the teaching faculty and the students to always review in their mind the social issues, such as the impact of technology on the modern living, the balance of environments and living creatures, the side-effect of management on humans and the social class.

2. Focuses on interdisciplinary training and integration of resources and training of specialists with technology know-how. We have attempted to cross over the traditional teaching boundaries that teachers, students, facilities and classroom are exclusive to the students and teachers in the department. We encourage the cooperation of each disciplinary in designing the curriculum, the use of the facilities and the interaction of the students and the teachers within the College. The students so trained will become not only a versatile specialist in his own and related fields but also a man with a wider vision.

1. Following the trend in the technology development and setting up the professional features in mechatronic engineering. The new age engineering specialists must be versatile in technologies with a wider vision, being innovative and capable of integrating related fields. We have foreseen the future trend and have stood out distinctive by establishing a Graduate Institute of Mechatronic Engineering, the first of its kind in Taiwan . We are proud to offer an interdisciplinary program that will meet the future need of the industry.

2. Integrating the Confucianism and Buddhism and management science, and opening up a new frontier for humanistic management. As the modern management is often ignorant of humanity, we emphasize that human beings are the center of the management, and they should be given love and tender care. Based on this belief, our program focuses on human and his working environment. We advocate a Zen-style management, which combines the best qualities of Confucianism and Buddhism, and the Western theory and practice of modern management.

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