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The College of Liberal Arts

The College of Liberal Arts

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HuafanUniversity's College of Liberal Arts consists of one graduate school -- the Graduate Institute of Asian Humanities and three departments – Department of Philosophy, Department of Chinese Literature, and Department of Foreign Languages and Literature. In addition, this college also includes two centers – one is the Center for Teacher Education, which offers courses for training the future teachers of fine arts, Chinese Literature, and English etc. The other is the LanguageCenter, which deals with language learning and teaching, testing, and assessment. This center consists of an Audio-visual Classroom and a Self-learning Classroom.

As one body, the establishment of this college is to promote Confucianism, Buddhism, and the great cultures of the East and the West, with an emphasis on our university’s unique ideal of “Enlightened Education.”

With the mounting of our society’s disorders, Both our government and the public have shown an unprecedented demand to deal with the crises in our society. Unfortunately, those who have the awareness may not have the power to do anything, while those who do have the consciousness may not know how and where to start. In recent years, the government has devoted itself to strengthening our country’s power of economy and the achievement was an astounding phenomenon known world widely as “Taiwan Miracle in Economy.” However, it is still too difficult for us to maintain the balance between our economic success and people’s living standard and quality. In other words, our economic growth has not been accompanied by an adequate development of the human consideration. On the contrary, our financial boom has already brought a great damage that may take years to recover. HuafanUniversity, however, is the first university to use the compassion and moral esteem as a means to let the younger generation accept the idea that learning and characters have an equal impact on one’s life. We hope to let our students learn the wisdom that kindness can be used to save the world and that morality, intelligence, competence, and benevolence are people’s good moralities that should be abided by.

Our university is located on the top of Ta Lun Mountain. It is a little bit far away from the urban areas. Our students and faculty members enjoy fully the natural advantages. And with the guidelines of the Education of Enlightenment, we have introduced a new light into our educational system. At the university, we count our achievement by evaluating the students’ individual success, one at a time.

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