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Chinese Literature Department
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Chinese Literature Department

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The College of Liberal Arts
Group: Literature, History and Philosophy
International Admission: Bachelor, Master

I. History

Department of Chinese was established in 1993. There are 218 students, 9 full-time teachers, and 1 assistant in the department. The graduate school was established in 2002. There are 10 students in the master’s program in 2004, they are come from National Kaohsiung Normal University, National ChungHsing University, National Taiwan Ocean University, Fu-jen Catholic University, Chinese Culture University, and Hua-fan University.

According to the ideal of “Enlightened Education,” we established the Department of Chinese. Because we are lack of “Enlightenment” and “Life,” especially settle down the way of our own life; therefore, our department emphasizes “Life Practice” as main ideal; all education has to follow it, and make “Life Practice” as standard. No matter teaching, counseling, doing research, and serving, all things have to follow “Life Practice.” We expect that we can breed students who have both loving and wisdom; moreover, fostering students who have both theory and practice. Therefore, we welcome students who are interested in “Enlightened Life Practice” can join us in the Department of Chinese in Da-lun Mountain.


II. Education Goals

In accordance with “Life Practice,” we emphasizes education goals and practice as follows: (a) assimilating the Chinese traditional culture, especially the content of Confucianism-Buddhism thoughts, fostering life body and caring life, (b) inspiring the enlightenment of life and advancing the reflection of Chinese traditional academic. On the whole, education goals in our department are inspiring students who can breed the enlightenment of life, offering something to society without payment. We hope students can feel sense of achievement through four-year education; creating a wonderful society.

Research Focus:

III. Development Features

Based on our ideals and education goals, we display our teaching activities as “Completely Education.” Our features emphasize as two sides, one is respecting the development of life body, and the other is strengthening the learning of professional skills. On the other hand, our specific features are emphasizing Confucianism-Buddhism thoughts, combining academy and life, advancing tradition and modern, and combining idea and practice. We hope that we can foster students who can have perfect personality and professional ability through teaching design.


IV. Facilities

There are office, reading room, sentiment classroom, and calligraphy classroom, 9 professor study rooms, 1 restroom for part-time teachers in the department. There are more than two thousands professional books, teaching facilities and etc.