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Architecture Department

Architecture Department

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The College of Arts and Design
Group: Architeccture and Design
International Admission: Bachelor, Master

With its small classes, the department emphasizes the interaction between teachers and students to increase learning. At the same time, various courses on architectural theory and practices are provided to give the students a complete architectural training.

1. Spatial design and Architectural engineering are emphasized so as to amend the inadequacy of the traditional artistic training.

2. Humanistic courses, such as Architecture and Culture, Cultural Analysis of Space, Social Planning: Sociological Reality and Environment, etc., are offered to help the integration of humanities and technology.

3. Field studies are very important in our curriculum; students are required to go out to investigate into social reality. They have to participate both in the city life and the country life; as a result, they learn from real life observation and form their own standards of evaluation and their individual designing ability.