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Office of Student Affairs

Office of Student Affairs

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Student Affairs Services aim to assist students of the following:

 Life Guidance Division: 

Dormitory application, postponement of military service, tuition loan and reduction, grant application, student reward and punishment, outside campus housing, time off, and lost and found.

 Counseling Division 

Individual tutoring, psychological test, life management, and student academic advising and counseling.

 Sanitary & Health Caring Division: 

To promote student Physical and mental health, prevent and treat students illnesses, provides urgent care, and to assist in medical insurance application and claims.

 Extracurricular Activities Division 

Extracurricular activities, club set up and planning, activity poster and flyer, and audio and visual facility and equipment accommodation.

 Student Career Development Center 

To assist in work and study balance and financial planning, job seeking assistance upon graduation, and provide in alumni services.  




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Office of Student Affairs

886-2-26632102 ext.2313


Life Guidance Division

886-2-26632102 ext.2310

Counseling Division

886-2-26632102 ext.2320

Sanitary & Health Caring Division

886-2-26632102 ext.2342

Extracurricular Activities Division

2886-2-26632102 ext.2330

Student Career Development Center

886-2-26632102 ext.2350