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Office of Library and Information
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Office of Library and Information - HFU Library

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The Library was established in August 1990, for the purpose of providing teaching and researching facilities for the University. We have paid equal attention to collecting book resources, references, and other educational and librarian facilities in the areas of science, technologies, and the humanities. The library has been equipped with electronic resources retrieval facilities and has been divided into various sections for references, periodicals, collections of a full range of books, Buddhist studies, audio-visual aids collection, group discussion, computer service and other facilities.

Our Services

 Technical Services
Technical Services are responsible for books, periodicals, multimedia material collection purchase, classified catalog, book exchange and other administrative works
 Reader Services
Reader Services are responsible for circulation service, book reservation management, reference consultation, inter-institutional cooperation and extension service.
 Systems Services
Systems Services are responsible for our automation and computer systems and the maintenance and development of digital resources, network information retrieval, and training service.

The books and reference materials collection has reached 20 thousand volumes, including 185,887 volumes of books, 1,521 periodicals, 12,201 volumes of one-volume edition periodicals, 7,956 multimedia materials, 29,697 volumes of electronic papers and 69 electronic information banks.