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Huafan Cultural Gallery

Huafan Cultural Gallery

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Huafan Cultural Gallery has been set up to cultivate art and life with our collections and exhibition of Chinese, Indian and other art works and to integrate humanistic ideals, spiritual nourishment, and common values into our education. It is an important part of our endeavors in environmental education to provide students an art gallery. The gallery was established in 1990 and was moved to the present location on the fourth floor of the Administration Building in June 1995. The exhibition areas include: Chinese artifacts area, Buddhist artifacts area, our Founder, Ven. Hiu Wan’s calligraphy and painting exhibition area and the special exhibition area. Among these areas, the most distinguished one is Ven. Hiu Wan’s exhibition area with a special collection of exhibits. At the same time, special exhibitions of various topics are often held. As a member of the Museum Association of Republic of China and a member of Arts Centers of Universities Association, the gallery participates actively in all activities sponsored by the Cultural Bureau of Taipei County Government.

The cultural gallery has planned to upgrade its facilities and collections in the near future, so that it can better fulfill Ven. Hiu Wan's ideal of a university education in which professionalism can be integrated with art, compassion, and wisdom.