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Center of Continuing Education

Center of Continuing Education

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The Center of Continuing Education offers a variety of courses to society off campus under the guidance of the University’s educational ideals and the needs of our society.

Our Goal

The Center uses resources of the University to facilitate on-job education for advanced studies in order to provide lifelong and continuous learning and the training of a second specialty as well as personal growth to our off-campus students.

In the future, the center will continually open various courses in the fields of language learning, business, and trade management, administration management, design, computer, and foreign language examination tests, etc. At the same time, it will also strengthen the University in promoting and marketing affairs and activities through the media. An internet learning platform has been planned to help students communicate with the teachers and obtain learning materials on line. In answer to the trend of lifelong learning, the center provides off-campus learning centers to help learners gain further and professional trainings. Based on our ideals of the Enlightenment Education, we help people to strengthen their personality as well as to reinforce their competitiveness.

Development and Planning

The courses that the Center has launched encompass Master Programs, Bachelor Programs, Training Programs Supported by Government, Programs for Inspiration, Programs of Social Enlightenment and Communication, Traditional Chinese Philosophy, relevant courses about the Merging of Science and Human Society, as well as on-job Training Programs.

Credit courses include Master Program of Asian Humanities, Department of Philosophy, Department of Mechatronic Engineering, Department of Industrial Engineering and Management Information, Department of Information Management, Department of Industrial Design, Department of Architecture, and bachelor program credit courses of Industrial Engineering and Management Information, and Information Management.

Organization of the Centre

Besides the Headquarter of the Centre on the Campus, there is one teaching center in Taipei and another one in Taichung.


 Campus Center
Tel.:02-26632102 ext. 3701~3
 The Taipei Teaching Center
Address: 9F, No.230, Sec. 3, Chengde R., Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan 103, R.O.C.
Tel: 02-25995010, 25923630, 25854528
 The Taichung Teaching Center
Address: No.1, Anhe R., Situn District, Taichung City, Taiwan 407, R.O.C.
Tel: 04-23593387